Nutritional IV Therapy

Infuse Life, Elevate Your Wellness: Tap into the Power of IV Therapy in our Denver Clinic. 

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(NAD+ 750mg & VitAmino Push)

Our signature innovative treatment for brain health, energy, gut imbalances, adrenal imbalances, DNA repair and protection, replenishing vitamins and minerals, and more!

VitAmino Push IV

A unique blend of vitamins, minerals & amino acids.
Boost energy, mental clarity,
cognition & overall wellness in just a few minutes!

NAD+ 750mg IV

NAD+ is a cofactor for cellular energy production in every living cell! High NAD+ activates longevity and metabolism genes, protects and repairs DNA, and provides a miriad of physicial and cognitive benefits!

High Dose (2g) Glutathione IV

Glutathione is your master antioxidant. Combat oxidative stress, boost immunity, support detoxification, brigthen skin, and avoid rapid aging in under 15 minutes!

High Dose (25g)
Vitamin C IV

Vitamin C is an antioxidant essential for immune function, stress handling, inflammation control, and wound healing. High-dose via IV may boost immunity, increase energy, encourage wound healing, and help you maintain healthy skin, tissues, and bones.


The first CBD IV of its kind! Reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety, provide neuroprotection, improve sleep, and reduce pain with this cutting-edge IV treatment that crosses the blood-brain barrier!

Methylene Blue IV

Methylene Blue enhances ATP production and oxygen utlization while crossing the blood-brain barrier. It is anti-pathogenic as well as neuroprotective and may help with preventing neurodegerative conditions and improving cognitive function.

Hydration IV

Your choice of Saline or Lactated Ringers to replenish electrolytes and overall hydration. Great for before or after traveling, in between athletic training, and right after illness recovery.

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