Join The Practice

*We are a concierge-style practice, and we do not take insurance in our office. We accept HSA/FSA, credit, and debit.*

Initial Consulation

$495 One-Hour Consultation with Dr. Grover

Consultation price is voided if you join the practice on the day of the consultation. A 30-day consideration period is granted where we will credit the consultation cost towards the annual membership cost if you need time to think about your decision.


Included Benefits

Your best option. Enjoy easy-access appointments (in-person or telehealth) with Dr. Grover.  Functional, Integrative and Regenerative medicine evaluations, with nutrition and wellness counseling. Includes medication management, specialty referrals, specialty lab testing orders, cancer screening and genetic testing reviews.


Enjoy 15% off  IV nutrition, weight loss peptides, ketamine therapy, supplements, PEMF therapy, and more!


$4000 Annually

$4500 Annually (Over Age of 70)

Standalone consulting


A single one-hour deep dive consultation with Dr. Grover!

Not Included

Prescribing, medication management, discounts, or continuity care.

Please Join our Advanced Wellness Program if you desire comprehensive care.


$595 Per Standalone Appointment


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does concierge medicine mean?

The concierge medical model is the most convenient way for patients to receive personalized care and direct access to their physician. With one flat rate fee, you are alloted unlimited office and telehealth visits that last as long as you need. We coordinate specialist referrals and/or hospital care as needed. With concierge medicine, there’s no insurance or corporate health system interference—just doctors and patients.

  • What does functional and integrative medicine mean?

Integrative medicine seeks to understand you as a whole person. It uses many different types of therapy to heal your mind, body and spirit. Functional medicine seeks to identify and treat the underlying cause of your condition. Utilizing both areas of medicine to treat our patients is how we are able to offer the most ethical, personalized, and holistic care possible!

  • What if I need an emergency appointment?

We are able to get our patients in for urgent visits with Dr. Grover via phone call, ZOOM, or in person when needed. This is one of the greatest benefits of being under the care of a concierge-style physician. No more waiting 3-4 months to be seen!

  • Can I use my insurance to cover lab testing, referrals, medications, and/or imaging?

Absolutely! While our office does not accept insurance, you are able to use your insurance to cover medications from pharmacies, imaging, lab testing, and specialist appointments as normal.