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Books by Dr. Grover

Interests of, and Books by Dr. Grover

In addition to the latest healing tools and modalities used by  the multi-disciplinary integrative medicine team at RevolutionaryMD, Dr. Grover enjoys applying therapies of the ancients. Sound Therapy (Vibrational Medicine) using crystal healing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and even has two sound therapy tables that we can play mantra music, or any genre for those who are interested. 

This combination of sound, light therapy, and magnetic therapy creates what he calls an “Alchemy of Resonance.” If desired he offers meditation counseling and can refer you to experts in breath work and shamanic journeying. He’s an advocate of acupuncture, energy medicine and many other modalities connecting patients with healers in these areas on a regular basis, including some as far away as Peru. 


Spiritual Genomics and Awakening Gaia both Available on Amazon

These other modalities are covered in entertaining and informative detail in his two books,  “Spiritual Genomics, A physician’s deep dive beyond modern medicine discovering unique keys to optimizing DNA health, longevity, and happiness!” Published April 2019. ( Learn more about the book on the Spiritual Genomics webpage.)

And, “Awakening Gaia, The Lemurian Crystal Grid”, published in December 2019 Now available in Spanish and Italian.

These are available on Amazon, at the Tattered Cover Bookstore and our Denver office.