Books by Dr. Fred Grover Jr. MD

Books by Dr. Grover


Books by Dr. Fred Grover Jr. MD

In addition to utilizing the latest healing and medical modalities used by integrative and functional practitioners, Dr. Grover enjoys researching and applying ancient therapies that not only target the physical body, but the energy body as well. Dr. Grover believes that the synergy between ancient and modern medicine is the ultimate way to optimize your DNA and increase your healthspan.

The combination of sound, light, and magnetic therapy creates what he calls an “Alchemy of Resonance.” He’s an advocate of acupuncture, energy medicine, breath work, and many other healing modalities that he lays out across his two books.

To read about these modalities in entertaining and informative detail, check out in his two books,  “Spiritual Genomics, A physician’s deep dive beyond modern medicine discovering unique keys to optimizing DNA health, longevity, and happiness!” Published April 2019. And, “Awakening Gaia, The Lemurian Crystal Grid”, published in December 2019 Now available in Spanish and Italian.

Spiritual Genomics

Spiritual Genomics and Awakening Gaia both Available from our Amazon storefront.

Both books are available on Amazon, at the Tattered Cover Bookstore, and at our Denver in Cherry Creek!