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We invite you to experience the difference of our revolutionary care compared to conventional practices. Our recommendations are more proactive than traditional conventional medicine, and aimed at keeping you out of the hospital in the most integrative and comprehensive manner possible. 


Our approach is personalized and combines the best elements of functional, regenerative, integrative, preventative, anti-aging and family medicine to help you achieve optimal health. Dr. Grover’s foundation in family medicine, followed by additional board certifications in integrative medicine and anti-aging/regenerative medicine, give him the expertise to manage complex conditions and fine-tune your health.

He explores your health issues beyond traditional means, looking for root causes through functional medicine labs, genomic testing, and recommendations to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

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Check out his recently published books! "Spiritual Genomics, A physician's deep dive beyond modern medicine discovering unique keys to optimizing DNA health, longevity and happiness!" and "Awakening Gaia" These are available on Amazon, at Tattered Cover Bookstore and in our office.


New and improved website in the making!  Coming in Spring 2022. I think you'll miss this old-school style though!


We have been offering Ketamine therapy for over a year now with great success.  Please be sure to read about this beneficial mindful treatment and inquire if interested. We combine this often with NAD+ often, and use unique sound therapy with every session.


Wishing everyone a healthy winter season and a rapid resolution of this ongoing crisis.  Below are links to assist you with prevention and management of the pandemic. 


Covid-19 Updates and Resources

I hope everyone is staying well this winter! Let's do our best to keep up with boosters, wearing masks and encouraging others to team up and beat this virus. Keeping yourself healthy with regular exercise, anti-inflammatory diets and maintaining lower stress is important too. I'll be updating folks regularly on the omicron variant and ongoing Delta challenges regularly in newsletters and zooms.


My appointments are currently about 1/3 virtual and 2/3 in person. If we can do zoom meetings when an exam or procedure, isn't needed, that's preferred, but I'm happy to see you as long as you come in healthy with a mask applied. We are cleaning thoroughly between patients, requiring masks for anyone in office and have supplemental HEPA/UV-C air filtration installed in rooms. 


Our office hours remain 9-5, but when possible, please email/call ahead to let us know if you are dropping in. This way we can get supplements, lab forms, test kits ready for you ahead of time. Practice updates will be sent our monthly newsletter. If you are not getting them please consider signing up via link near bottom of this page. We offer IV immune support (Vitamin C, Glutatione, FastVit, NAD)for those that are interested. This can also be very helpful if you are struggling with post-covid fatigue and are at least 2 wks out from Covid infection.

Below are videos of my recent zooms,  resources for prevention, testing, treatment and vaccination updates for Covid. I will be updating these links/documents on a regular basis, but please feel free to email the office or me with useful recommentations to share or questions not covered.  Thank you, and wishing you the best in on-going health and staying happy during these difficult times. We will make it through this together!!


Fred Grover Jr. M.D. and RevolutionaryMD team.


Testing in-house:

  • We continue to offer an FDA approved rapid antigen test for $30 in our office parking lot for existing patients. I now recommend simply purchasing a few rapid home kits at Walgreens or Amazon as the easiest option. See above link to order a couple free ones from state too. Do initial test, if negative and symptoms repeat next day, and again at day 3 or 4 if you still have symptoms. A PCR at an urgent care can help rule out a false neg too. False negatives with rapids are common especially with breakthru mild infections in immunized folks. Please call ahead of time to schedule this test if needed. This test does not qualify for United Airlines or other carriers.  They require a PCR test and this is best performed at AFC urgent care locally.

Covid 19 Vaccine locations in Colorado-

Management of Covid-19 at home
Adobe Acrobat document [226.0 KB]
Information on the Covid-19 Vibrant Lab Antibody test
Gives details on this FDA approved antibody test sensitivity/specificity and how it shows your immune status. This is now available as blood spot for $150. Please call to make appt with staff for test. This does test for both active and past infection, but if you are concerned about active acute infection this needs to be done via nasal swab with quicker turnaround time via lab testing at urgent care or state site. Thanks
Adobe Acrobat document [1'014.8 KB]
Covid-19 Immune support supplementation
One page summary recommended supplements to potentially improve your immune system and defenses against Covid-19 and other viruses/bacteria. Links to google drive and over 30 scientific supporting articles on why these may be helpful to you.
Covid-19 Immune supplementation.pdf
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Practical Pandemic Preparedness January 2020 Newsletter
Practical Pandemic Preparedness.pdf
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