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Covid-19 Updates and Resources

I hope everyone is staying well and enjoying the more relaxed "stay safe at home" status in Colorado with an opportunity to get out and about more. As long as we can continue to use masks while in close proximity to others and in public places, while at the same time observing other precautions it should be low risk to explore a bit. I encourage everyone to get outside for hikes, bike rides, and walks for your mental health and to be friendly to one another. Socialization, exercise, and fresh air is important for our mental health, we just have to do it safely. My travels will be limited to my car this summer, as planes in my opinion, still lack the infection control to be safe. Masks should be required on all planes and mass transit, yet many make it optional. (I consider it irresponsible and spineless by the airline industry not to require them) Camping and backpacking will be on the top of my list this summer.


I will continue to do Zoom meetings roughtly every other Wednesday to field questions and update you.

My appointments are now about 1/2 virtual and 1/2 in person. If we can do zoom meetings when an exam or procedure, isn't needed, that's preferred, but I'm happy to see you as long as you come in healthy with a mask applied. We are cleaning thoroughly between patients, requiring masks for anyone in office and have supplemental air filtration installed. We do have extra masks if you forget yours, just knock on door and we will bring one too you before entering. 


Our office hours are now back to 9-5, but please email/call ahead to let us know you are dropping in. We can also get supplements ready for you ahead of time. Please wait in you car until appointment time to keep recommended less than 10 people in office and protect you and staff. Practice updates will be sent our 1-2 x's a month via Constant contact newsletter. If you are not getting them please consider signing up via link near bottom of this page. Below are resources for prevention, testing and treatment of Covid. I will be updating these links/documents on a regular basis, but please feel free to email the office or me with useful recommentations to share or questions not covered.  Thank you and wishing you the best in on-going health.  Fred Grover Jr. M.D. and team.


Testing updates:

  • Drive thru testing for acute infections via nasal swab and the test for antibodies (to see if you had a past infection) is now available at National Jewish Hospital, as of April 24th. The test is reasonably priced at $94, but you need to make an appointment and could take a week to get in. If you need a referral for the acute infection and you are an existing patient, please email us a request and we will fax it in. I don't know how their test compares to ours in terms of sensitivity/specificity. If you are not a patient of Dr. G, simply ask your personal doc to sign off on it.
  • We are now cutting back on our antibody testing by Vibrant America, since it is cheaper for you have it done at National Jewish, Labcorp and Quest. We pay too much for our kits, and only make $15 dollars to cover a lot of front/back end work. Please recognize that all testing available anywhere for Covid has a 10-20% false positive or negative rate and having antibodies does not guarantee that you are protected from getting Covid again. It provides some level of reassurance, but is far from perfect.
  • Home Testing for acute infection is now available through Labcorp. Called "pixel".  If you are an existing patient you may list Dr. Grover as ordering doc, but please notify us if you are doing a test so we can look out for it.
  • Stride clinic continues to offer testing as supplies last for both acute infection and antibodies. They have locations in Aurora and Wheatridge.
  • The latest, Rapid Antigen testing will be offered if/when we can order these more accurate, cost effective, FDA approved kits. It's looking like production of these kits are delayed too, and may be the fall before we can get them.
Covid-19 Home Care and testing updated March 26th
Adobe Acrobat document [174.9 KB]
Information on the Covid-19 Vibrant Lab Antibody test
Gives details on this antibody test sensitivity/specificity and how it shows your immune status. This will be available starting April 10th by appointment. This is not a test for acute infection, but to see if you had it in last few weeks.
Adobe Acrobat document [1'014.8 KB]
Reservation form for Covid-19 Antibody test
Please fill this out on you computer, save with your last name in file name and email to our office at revmdoffice@gmail.com . We will reach out to you with a time. Thank you! (Sorry some of the boxes don't line up well)
Adobe Acrobat document [226.1 KB]
Covid-19 Immune support supplementation
One page summary recommended supplements to potentially improve your immune system and defenses against Covid-19 and other viruses/bacteria. Links to google drive and over 30 scientific supporting articles on why these may be helpful to you.
Covid-19 Immune supplementation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [61.2 KB]
Practical Pandemic Preparedness January 2020 Newsletter
Practical Pandemic Preparedness.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [145.9 KB]
May 13th Zoom powerpoint, Where do we go from here? Latest Covid updates
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]

Welcome to RevolutionaryMD! 

We invite you to experience the difference of our care compared to conventional practices. Above are links to assist you with prevention and management of the evolving pandemic. My recommendations are more proactive than conventional medicine, but aimed to help keep you out of the hospital in the most comprehensive manner possible.  Wishing everyone a healthy Spring season and resolution of this ongoing crisis. 


The approach at RevolutionaryMD center is personalized and combines the best elements of preventative, regenerative, integrative, functional, anti-aging and family medicine to help you achieve optimal health. Dr. Grover’s foundation in family medicine, followed by additional board certifications in integrative medicine and anti-aging/regenerative medicine, give him the expertise to manage complex conditions and fine-tune your health.


Dr. Grover explores your health issues beyond traditional means, looking for root causes through functional medicine labs, nutrigenomic testing, and an evaluation of your mind, body, spirit balance. His mindful-based practices give him additional insights towards your health. Contact us today!


Check out his recently published books! "Spiritual Genomics, A physician's deep dive beyond modern medicine discovering unique keys to optimizing DNA health, longevity and happiness!" and "Awakening Gaia" These are available on Amazon, at Tattered Cover Bookstore and in our office.



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