Dr. Grover has a gift for treating the whole person; physically, mentally and spiritually. His compassion, knowledge and skill calms our frantic soul and our hurting bodies.                                      



As I left your office today, I reflected on this past year, my health journey and how much you have aided me along the way. To that end, I enclosed a quick baseline assessment and progress report that go along with our data analysis.  When I stopped to think about it…you have helped me come a long way in short period….and all done naturally. Something other docs said would be impossible to do. I greatly appreciate your systemic thinking, comprehensive knowledge and engaging bedside manner. Not only do I feel great, I feel empowered over my health. You have my sincere gratitude. Many thanks! View her progress report below.

BB (She's a former Lockheed-Martin rocket scientist.)


Adobe Acrobat document [82.9 KB]

The health care system in the US is primarily focused on treating clinical disease. It's a "fix it when it's broken" approach. We talk about the importance of prevention and wellness, but that is not what our reimbursement system pays for. Dr. Grover has a different approach. He helps his patients achieve wellness and optimum health and fitness. When I first saw Fred less than a year ago, I was experiencing a general lack of energy and extreme fatigue when I exercised. My hypothyroidism had been undiagnosed and misdiagnosed by other physicians. Dr. Grover quickly and correctly diagnosed my problem and started me on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. This has changed my life! I am 68 years old and in the best shape I have been in for at least 25 years. I work out vigorously three times a week and I have lost twenty pounds. Fred is very approachable and he is the only physician I have ever had who permits his patients to communicate with him by e-mail.



I'm not sure how I could possibly write enough words or say the right words to thank you for saving my life. Your thorough dedication to healing has stood out on every one of my check-ups I have had with you as well as any other communication I have had with your office staff. I came seeking a health professional that listened and had my best interest at heart, and I have certainly found much more than that. I found your vigilant health awareness, caring, sensitivity and high level of respect for my health refreshing an healing in itself as well. I want to thank you for constant watch over me, my health and well being.



Dr. Grover has been my primary care provider since 1999. He is a very thorough, intelligent and caring physician. I completely trust him and his decisions for my health care. One of my earliest experiences with Dr. Grover was in 2/2000 when after I had some unusual pain in my throat and arm he ran an EKG which was normal, and then ordered a stress test to evaluate me further. After failing the stress test, I then ended up having quadruple bypass surgery.  Even though I was a "new" patient, Dr. Grover knew the proper and necessary procedures for me to follow which saved my life!  I am extremely grateful for the continuing medical care of Dr. Fred Grover Jr.



I have been a patient of Dr. Grover's for more than 10 years. He always listens to what I say and involves me in my care. He is a very caring and giving physician that really cares about the person.



I am so grateful to have Dr. Grover as my primary care physician. I love his holistic approach to counseling on health and wellness.



I can't say enough good things about this kind, caring, attentive and medically qualified man. Dr. Grover has helped me through a variety of health issues, including family counseling. He consistently has been willing to take the time to listen to, and work with me. Over the years, he has made several treatment recommendations that have helped me, and has always been there when I needed him. Dr. Grover takes time to explain his diagnosis and treatment plan, and is always receptive to additional or alternative ideas I may have. My relationship with Dr. Grover can be best defined as effective, cooperative, comforting, and reassuring.



There are so many good things to say about Dr. Grover that it would take a book. Before finding Dr. Grover, I had been to numerous doctors for my high blood pressure. Dr. Grover got my blood pressure to a good reading after only have two visits with him. I am so happy to find a doctor with the bedside manner that Dr. Grover has.



An appointment with Dr. Grover is like a visit with an old friend. The visit may last upward to an hour and cover all concerns, large and small. Medical records are immediately available on his state-of-the-art laptop and Rx and referrals are accomplished with the push of a button. One leaves his office confident that the best possible treatment has been obtained.



I just wanted to thank you so much for your incredible care, genuine and caring manner. You are the kind of Doctor that everyone wants, but most of us never find. I am very thankful that I found you 3 years ago and have been very pleased with your attention to detail, taking time to really care. I am always amazed with the great results and huge amount of knowledge you possess. Even more is your true compassion and dedication to providing your patients with quality health care.

DKoss 9/09

Having Dr. Grover as my physician means a lot to me. He cares and he listens which is the most important aspect of a patient-doctor relationship.


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