PRP and P-Wave therapies 


Expertise: Dr. Grover is a certified provider of PRP therapies to facial region (aka Vampire Facelift) Breast Lift, Vaginal/clitoral region (aka O-shot), Penis rejuvenation  (aka Priapus shot), and Hair Restoration. He was taught and certified by the inventor of the Vampire Facelift, O-shot, Priapus shot, Dr. Charles Runels.  His long term expertise in injectable and laser aesthetic skin care, hormone balancing, regenerative medicine and a foundation in family medicine differentiate him from other providers offering this care. (ie:radiologists and anesthesiologists are now offering this!) He also offers the P-Wave therapy for men for ED, which can be combined with PRP or done as a stand alone series of 6 treatments.  This is the same device and therapy that Gainswave providers perform, but is much more reasonably priced since he does this independently without the costly overhead of a monthly membership


What is PRP,and where do you get it? Platelet rich plasma is derived from your own blood.  A vial of blood is drawn and spun down using a high tech centrifuge (Magellan) to separate and isolate plasma that is rich in platelets and growth factors. The seven growth factors are isolated in the PRP processing including vascular endothelial growth factor. (VEGF) This is injected with a small needle in regions of the body that can stimulate the production of new cells, repair damaged cells, and extend the life of existing cells to regenerate the locally treated tissue.


Why should I consider it? Conventional medical therapies can help maintain reasonable skin and tissue health, but often times lack in their regenerative benefits.  By combining PRP therapy with existing modern medical and natural therapies we can help you optimize cellular health and further prevent age related decline.  For example, the Priapus shot can be used to help reduce a man's need for Viagra, and possibly allow him avoid this costly medication entirely. The Vampire facelift uses both PRP and Juvederm, which reduces the need for additional Juvederm and helps in maintaining the youthful volume and healthy appearance of skin.


What areas should I treat if any? Dr. Grover will help you assess areas that may benefit from treatment in the initial consultation.  This could be simply regenerating facial tissue, or can be expanded in to treatment of vaginal region for women, and penile for men.  A true head to toe approach!


Where can you inject the PRP to help me look and function better?

  • Facial PRP,  (aka"Vampire Facelift") The facial region is comprehensively assessed with the patient.  Juvederm is injected in target regions, followed by the rejuvenating injection of PRP in multiple regions of the face.  This is all done with a very small needle, after using numbing cream for 15 minutes or longer. Benefits include more youthful appearance of face from increased collagen production, improved volume and improved circulation to the skin.
  • Scalp, For Hair Restoration Regions of mild to moderate thinning can be treated with PRP under skin, and on top of skin.  The area is prepped, and numbing cream applied.  A small amount of lidocaine may also be injected.  The PRP is injected under the regions of hair thinning followed by use of topical PRP.  Prior to placing the PRP on top of skin a micro-needling device is used to make hundreds of small holes in the epidermis/dermis which will further stimulate and allow the PRP growth factors penetrate deep into the scalp stimulating hair follicles.
  • Breasts, Breast Lift This regenerative PRP augmentation is done in the cleavage area to improve volume and provide a substantial enhancement.  The area is treated with topical numbing cream and approximately three injections to each breast are made along cleavage line to enhance appearance and volume. The nipple regions can also be injected to improve sensitivity and appearance. 
  • Clitoris and G-Spot region,  (aka "O-Shot")This is a very popular procedure due to it's multitude of benefits.  In addition to a major enhancement in orgasm potential, it has been very helpful in treating most cases of stress urinary incontinence.  The area is numbed up well with cream, and small amount of lidocaine is injected.  Very small needles are used, keeping discomfort to a minimum.  The clitoral shaft and an area of the vaginal wall just in front of the G-spot is injected.   
  • Penis rejuvenation, (aka Piapus Shot) A very popular procedure for men!  This PRP enhancement can help treat or prevent erectile dysfunction, and may increase length and width of penis. The area is numbed up well, followed by injecting the penis along the shaft in strategic locations using a very small needle.  Discomfort is minimal.  A penis pump is used immediately after treatment to distribute the PRP, and is encouraged to be used on a regular basis at home to optimize outcomes.  2-3 treatments may be needed for optimal outcomes and need to be spaced at least 6 wks apart. 

P-wave Extracorporeal Shock wave therapy/ESWT for ED or simply improved sensation

  • A new sexual therapy aimed at improving blood flow and sensation to the penis.
  • Well researched to give resolution of ED in 70% or more of those undergoing treatment.
  • Can be used preventatively or to improve sensation.
  • Safe, Six short treatments of 20 minutes, typically once weekly, minimal discomfort with the use of numbing cream.
  • Much more affordable at our center than via much higher priced Gainswave provider locations. Feel free to compare our pricing below to others. Ours are performed by Dr. G and not an assistant.
  • We use the Storz-D Actor device, that has proven efficacy and track record in US, internationally and with Gainswave.
  • PRP to penis/P-shot can be added at end of series for improved efficacy if desired.


PRP Pricing

Facial PRP: $1500
Breast PRP Lift: $1800
Vaginal, G-spot/Clitoral: $1200

Hair Restoration: $1500
Priapus shot /Penis rejuvenation PRP: $1900 


P-Wave Pricing

 P-Wave Treatment Packages


6 Treatments package (Save $450 compared to doing as single treatment)


6 treatments + Priapus shot (PRP)( PRP is done minutes after 6th treatment)  PRP Priapus shot is discounted from $1875 to $1250, saving you $675


Single Medical Wave Treatment



*P- waveTreatments should be scheduled 1-2 per week apart and 6 treatments recommended for optimal results.  Maintenance via repeat single or multiple treatments can be done a year later if needed.


Consent forms/registration can be found on our forms page.


To learn more or to book a 30 minute consultation with Dr. Grover call 303-355-2385 




Summary of  PRP Therapies for Women and Men-

Dr. Grover with the Magellan PRP centrifuge
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