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Dr. Grover applies evidence-based supplementation recommendations and like Andrew Weil M.D., Mark Hyman M.D. and others recommends taking nutritional supplements that are medical grade, GMP certified, with high purity and bioavailability. Most of us will lack at least two or more important nutrients due to our American diet and lifestyle. Most common deficiency is Vit D, (85% of Americans) and many of us are deficient in the anti-inflammatory Omega-3(fish oil), B vitamins, and anti-oxidants. Supplementation can help slow aging by reducing inflammation.


Patient Education and Health Tools by Dr. Grover

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Recent Talks by Dr. G


Nutritional Strategies for cancer prevention
Dr. Grover presented this to the 2016 Rocky Mountain Blood Cancer annual meeting.
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Optimizing Brain Health through Functional Medicine approach
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Anti-Aging Strategies
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Assess your Wellness


How's your Health

Am I depressed?

Am I Anxious?

Do I have metabolic syndrome?

Am I at risk or could I have diabetes?


Assess your Genome/DNA-

DNA tests are now affordable and offer a wealth of information to help you address your health preventatively and to see how well you are aging. Opportunities may include reducing your risk of cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, reducing inflammation, and losing weight.
These are available home tests that you order on-line which makes it easy. (please note, i have no financial interest in these companies)

Steps for a comprehensive analysis-
•    Order a telomere test.  Teloyears is an easy blood spot test for only $89 that has just become available.Telomeres are the end caps on your chromosomes that will show how well you are aging. You want long telomeres! The report can tell you for example if you are a 50 yr old with 30 yr old DNA, or vice versa. I have more expensive ones in the office that give a deeper analysis, but cost a lot more. Lifelength and others.
•    Order the 23andme kit for Health and Ancestry Panel $199 and send in from home.
•    When 23andme results come in by email, you can take the raw data and upload to Genetic Genie (make small donation) to further evaluate your methylation and detox capabilities.  These can help you reduce inflammation and aging. It's easy to do and the genetic genie site will walk you through this. Don't lose your user name and passwords!
•    You can also upload 23andme to the British DNA fit analysis to determine best type of diet and exercise. It's another $150, but for those struggling to lose weight is worth considering.
•    Nutrahacker is another option to further analyze methylation/detox similar to genetic genie, but more expensive.

Once you have run these tests and downloaded data, bring them in so I can analyze and make recommendations to optimize your health through your genome.  Please bring in a printed report or it saved as a PDF on a jump drive so I can upload to your electronic chart for reference as needed.

Dr Grover also has genetic testing available through Genova,Vibrant, Life-Length, and Pathway Genomics.


Assess a Condition


Health information from Family

Symptom checker, WebMD


Sleep and mindfulness


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Free Calorie Counting on Fitday

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Heart Health


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Boston Heart Advanced Lipid Panel (available at our office)

Carotid artery screening
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Aortic aneurism screening
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Echocardiogram example
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Brain Health


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UCLA study discussing cognitive enhancement via functional strategy of hormone balancing, lifestyle and nutrition.
This approach has been utilized by Dr. Grover long before this study was published.
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Skin Care


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Integrative Medicine Links


University of Colorado Strauss Collection


Wellness Articles of Interest


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Telomeres and your Health


Balance your Mind, Spirit


Dr. Grover encourages patients to do yoga, tai chi, qi gong, prayer, and other meditative type practices that promote relaxation and balance. A nature hike and other relaxing outdoor experiences also enter this category. Our mindspa which provides sound healing with the so-sound solution sound table, tibetan bowls, and photic entrainment with the Pandora star can help drop you into deep relaxed meditative states. We can monitor your progress using the HeartMath device which analyzes your heart rate variability during a session. Learn more at our Alchemy of Resonance site and read Dr. Grover's book Spiritual Genomics.  Available in office, local bookstores, and on Amazon.


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Patient Library 


Come by and browse Dr. Grover's collection of wellness books in the waiting room. If you have a book suggestion, article, or website to recommend, please email us. We appreciate patient input.  Thank you!

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