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Resonate fields of energy, whether light, sound, or magnetic therapy complement allopathic therapies for the treatment of pain, fatigue and other conditions. These therapies have numerous trials showing benefits especially in the fields of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) and Near Infrared LED therapySound therapy is very powerful too and we often combine this with light or magnetic for synergistic effects. You can learn more about these therapies by visiting our dedicated website Alchemy of Resonance.  Here Dr. G describes how an alchemy of sound, light, and magnetism can by used to reduce inflammation and aid in the healing of various conditions.


Dr. Grover provides four types of energy medicine modalities: 

  • Pulsed-Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) with Pulse Center technology in office.
  • Near-Infrared therapy (NIR) with In-Light, Vie Light, Lumiwave.
  • Sound Therapy with SoSound Solutions sound tables, healing bowls and tuning forks.
  • Energy work by providers trained in reiki, breath work, meditation, and crystal healing.


1. PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy with the Pulse XL Pro

iMrs PEMF System

Theory and Rationale Behind PEMF Therapy 


All living organisms need electromagnetism to survive and thrive. 

Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) or magnetic resonance is a relatively new therapy which demonstrates impressive efficacy as a stand alone or complementary therapy to ongoing treatments for pain (joint or muscular), fatigue and many other conditions.


There is much more to our electrical body that’s beyond comprehension of the scientific community. We are making progress by being able to electrically map the brain (QEEG), the heart (EKG and EPP), neural conduction (EMG) and by using PET/MRI to image the brain and other structures.  


Interestingly, acupuncturists have been mapping the electrical body and balancing meridians, thus improving Qi (body energy and balance) with over 2000 years of success. PEMF therapy also balances the meridians, but in a more global fashion.


Dr. Grover has researched concepts and modalities in energy medicine, and is convinced that magnetic resonance plays a vital role in our health and wellness. He now includes this therapy in his practice to provide an additional healing modality. He is one of only a few MD clinicians that provides PEMF therapy in Denver, Colorado. He has even published a book which discusses pulsed magnetic field therapy and other energy medicine modalities and how they can positively effect your DNA.  See Spiritual Genomics site to learn more. 


Our office uses the clinically proven Pulse XL Pro PEMF device. This device provides up to 10 hz of pulsing power, and up to 20 T (tesla) which is three times stronger than any other clinical high PEMF field device on the market. By far the best device available with solid state engineering and controllable frequency and energy delivery to full body or focal regions. Over a thousand times more powerful than the home units such as the iMrs or Bemer.  Various attachments allow us to treat whole body with the mat, or using rings or paddles directed at an inflammed or arthritic joint or region of spine. Dr. Grover often uses the pulse magnetic and/or light therapies on patients following stem cell therapies to improve outcomes.  


Our Pulse center is unique from others since it is overseen by Dr. Grover, and incorporates sound and light therapies at the same time if desired. No other center is known to offer these synergistic therapies in the country. Many pulse centers are run by individuals that have no medical degrees, so they may lack the knowledge to administer advanced treatment protocols. For patients who want to see Dr. G for medical services and consultation, they are welcome to join his wellness program, or simply work with our technicians to help reduce fatigue, joint pain, and inflammation with this powerful and effective therapy. This therapy, complements any existing ongoing medical therapies, lifestyle, or nutritional programs. 


Much research has gone into refining PEMF therapy and the results are impressive. Over 1600 studies have been performed on PEMF, and the use of it as a healing modality in Europe is mainstream. In the US it is an emerging therapy showing rapid growth.


In summary PEMF therapy energizes cells with healthy pulsed frequencies working in an anti-inflammatory fashion, as well as countering toxic EMFs in our environment. EMF smog is all around us every day, everywhere we go. It originates from cell towers, Wi-Fi transmitters, cell and cordless phones, High-Definition televisions, monitors, laptop computers, microwaves and especially in our vehicles. EMF smog may be contributing to various disease states. Just as smoking was believed to be harmless, we may find that our EMF laden environment is not as benign as many currently believe.


Pricing for Pulse XL Pro session/sessions-

Please call or email us.  Packages available and we are more reasonably priced than other centers in Denver.


If you would like to try PEMF therapy in Denver please call our office at 303-355-2385. You can can also email us at info@revolutionarymd.com with any questions. 

Learn more about this therapy and review articles at pemf.com.  


Dr. Gilliland from Florida discusses Pulse PEMF protocols for peripheral neuropathy, BPH, etc in videos below, and Dr. Grover offers these protocols which he has shared with us. 

2. NIR Therapy

Dr. Grover uses Near-Infrared (NIR) therapy to help his patients recover from musculoskeletal pain and to aid in other healing modalities. It is an excellent non-pharmacologic means to treat tendonitis, strains, neuralgia, back pain, joint pain and much more. This can also be combined with PEMF therapy and used as extra support for pain managed primarily by medications. He is also using this technology successfully in an investigational trial for treatment of traumatic brain injury with wounded warriors from Ft. Carson.


How can NIR therapy help me?

  • Improves blood flow, stimulates new capillaries to form.
  • Improves collagen production.
  • Increases ATP production thus improving energy to cells allowing them to process incoming nutrition, and eliminate toxins more effectively.
  • Increases lymphatic flow which can relieve swelling from an injury.
  • Calms inflamed peripheral nerves by photons entering as negative ions.
  • Enhances neural regeneration.
  • Stimulates fibroblastic activity which aids in tissue repair and collagen formation.
  • Helps clear out dead and degenerated cells, such as those found in a bruise or hematoma.
  • Enhances healing of wounds, ulcers, and inflamed tissues.
  • Experimental trial displaying benefits for traumatic brain injury and cognition.

For Brain health Dr. Grover recommends and uses the Vielight in his office. See the VieLight for brain health with nasal adaptor pictured below. The alpha unit is best to improve focus and cognitive speed, the gamma unit best for mild cognitive decline and potential benefits in alzheimers. Use code revmd to obtain 10% off if purchased online. 


For relief of musculoskeletal inflammation he recommends renting a Carelight (aka:InLight) unit from us, or ordering a unit for home. Order Carelight Units here. They have also recently designed a transcranial NIR cap for brain health.




Dr. Grover uses both In-Light and Lumiwave NIR devices in office. NIR unit by In-Light

NIR rental units for home use are available for $175/wk, 1/2 off for additional weeks.

We use the medical grade devices by In-Light and Lumiwave, both of which are FDA approved and can assist with ordering too.  Order an In Light unit online.

3.  Sound Therapy

Dr. Grover believes in the healing power of sound from personal experience and supported research. Whether it is the primal sound of beating your own rawhide hand drum or dropping deep in to the sound of a didgeridoo in a sound lounger, each will resonate your body that can be beneficial to your health. Of course we are excluding the disruptive resonance of intense rock music. The science of cymantics has shown that certain instruments produce a geometric wave form and pattern as they are played. Classical instruments, singing bowls, didgeridoo, gongs, sung mantras, and certain frequencies can produce this phenomena.

For patients that would like to experience sound therapy, Dr. Grover can add in extra time at a visit to play a singing bowl, use tuning forks, or have you experience the resonate sound table. The sound table has special speakers (by SoSound Solutions) attached beneath a massage therapy table that resonate the wood and you body into a state of harmonic resonance. 


4. Light Therapy (Photic entrainment)

Light therapy can be used to move the brain in to various brain wave states such as theta, gamma, and alpha to enhance deeper meditative states and brain healing.  Recent studies have shown benefits of gamma wave entrainment being therapeutic for treatment and prevention of alzheimers.  Dr. Grover has the Pandora Star device from England integrated into a sound table to help patients achieve this deeper meditative state in a matter of minutes. With over 40 programs we can help you select a state to improve focus, or go into a dream state. Dr. Grover and staff are trained and certified in the use of this unique device. This therapy is contra-indicated for those with a seizure disorder since flashing lights can sometimes trigger them.

See video below on the mindspa to view the Pandora. Sound is typically integrated with mantra music, cello, binaural beats through sound table, or via healing bowls or tuning forks per patient preference.


Pricing for Sound, Light, Energy work:


Sound and light brain therapy-  30 min session $175  10% off for awp
Sound and light brain therapy- 60min session $225   10% off awp


Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine session with Dr. Grover 30 minutes $180 10% off awp
60 min $ 250   10% off awp


Dr. Grover performing sound healing with F# healing bowl, heart chakra
Australian aborigine creating sound therapy and sonic entrancement with digeridoo

Geometric patterns produced by Sound.  Aka: Cymantic imaging


toroid by Ben Brown
Starfish by Ben Browne
Venus by Ben Browne, learn more at http://cymatics.ning.com/photo
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