NAD (B3) Therapy

NAD therapy can help improve mood, reduce anxiety, improve neurological health and your overall energy. We offer it affordably and in more delivery routes than any other clinic in town.  It can also be combined the same day with the FastIV B vitamin therapy and other synergistic compounds. We provide it in a private room protecting you from others during the pandemic too.


NAD Delivery route options-

  • IV NAD (750mg) can be done weekly for highest efficacy. For individuals with depression, anxiety, or PTSD, and other neurological conditions this is the preferred route. Combining this with FastIV B complex with aminos and Ketamine via our trained RN can further enhance the benefits. We can also administer this on our sound therapy table for meditative, relaxing benefits.
  • Sub-Q 1-2x's a week.  Most cost effective/efficient route. This can deliver amounts close to what is delivered by IV into subcutaneous belly fat with an insulin syringe, and is great as stand-alone, or for maintenence after 3-6 IV treatments. Instructional video for self admininstration.
  • NAD 12 hour electrophoresis patches are a great option too for those that don't like needles. Simply apply once a week in morning and remove 12 hours later or the next day.  A small battery provides a +/- between grounding section and the deliver section of patch with NAD improving absorption.
  • Oral NAD is good for maintenence levels once daily, but won't come close to achieving levels maintained with IV, Sub-Q or patch.  Our Resveracel has both resveratrol and NAD.  This combination helps enhance the SIRT pathway.
  • NMN sublingual coming soon!

More details on NAD benefits-

  • Anti-Aging- supports surtuins (SIRT), a group of proteins that slow down the effects of aging. NAD and Resveratrol together amplify this effect.
  • Signaling and regulation- plays a major role in extracellular signaling/communication between cells. Research has shown that NAD+ comes from the neurons within blood vessels, nervous system, GI tract, and urinary tract, and functions as a potent balancing neurotransmitter. 
  • Helps with the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even addiction via its neurotransmitter mechanisms.
  • Can enhance cognitive function in patients with Alzheimers and Parkinson's disease.
  • Is a co-enzyme that is essential for human life within the Krebs cycle of the mitochondria.  It supports these cellular powerhouse within every cell in your body, which is why it can improve your daily energy and post-exercise recovery.
  • Supports DNA Repair proteins assisting with slowing down DNA damage related to aging and radiation exposure.
  • Reduces risk of hospitalization in older or Type 2 diabetic patient with Covid. See NIH study
  • Assists with detoxification

Additional IV therapies available at RevolutionaryMD

  • IV glutathione 2 grams in a 5 min infusion
  • IV Vitamin C, usual starting dose of 25 grams, higher doses available after G6PD testing performed.
  • FastIV B complex- receive a b complex that is better than Myer's in less than five minutes!

IV Clinic days-

Monday 9-5

Friday 9-5


Call or email us for availability and details.  303-355-2385 or

For those who are not existing patients and desire NAD therapy, a 30 minute consult with Dr. Grover is required for intake and discussion of these therapies to determine optimal regiment.


Thank you!!



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