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Mind Modalities

Mindfulness Coaching

Dr. G will often make recommendations on integrating mindfulness to your daily life via meditation, connecting with nature, sound therapy ett. Our team of facilitators and nurses will also coach you on mindfulness especially in conjunction with sound healing, ketamine therapy and pandora light therapy.

Sound Therapy

Dr. Grover believes in the healing power of sound from personal experience and supported research. Whether it is the primal sound of beating your own rawhide hand drum or dropping deep in to the sound of a didgeridoo in a sound lounger, each will resonate your body that can be beneficial to your health.

Near Infrared Light Therapy

NIR therapy is an excellent non-pharmacologic means to treat tendonitis, strains, neuralgia, back pain, joint pain and much more. This can also be combined with PEMF therapy and used as extra support for pain managed primarily by medications.

VieLight and Brain Health

 The alpha unit is best to improve focus and cognitive speed, the gamma unit best for mild cognitive decline and potential benefits in alzheimers. This powerful unit improves blood flow on the cortex of the brain as well as deep brain when the nasal light is used with it.

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine has a different, more powerful mechanism of action for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD and other conditions. 

Brain Nutrition

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Mindfulness Based Coaching

Sound Therapy

The science of cymantics has shown that certain instruments produce a geometric wave form and pattern as they are played. Classical instruments, singing bowls, didgeridoo, gongs, sung mantras, and certain frequencies can produce this phenomena. For patients that would like to experience sound therapy Dr. Grover can add in extra time at a visit to play a singing bowl, use tuning forks, or have you experience the resonate sound table. The sound table has special speakers (by SoSound Solutions) attached beneath a massage therapy table that resonate the wood and you body into a state of harmonic resonance. Please visit our Alchemy of Resonancesite to learn more!