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Alma Duo for Erectile Dysfunction

Alma Duo for Erectile Dysfunction

Are you up? Meet the Alma Duo!

The Alma Duo is the latest revolutionary treatment in regenerative therapies for ED. It far exceeds the competition in the market in outcomes with 75% or greater success rate in returning men to normal or improved erectile function. Spontaneity is key, and having to wait for Cialis to kick in can be disruptive to say the least. We are the first office in Colorado to offer this procedure! Dr. Grover simulating the use of the flexible probe on a banana for laughs to the right.

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Fred Grover Jr MD with Alma Duo

It’s a low intensity shock wave therapy (focused, intense sound wave through a transducer) that stimulates new blood vessels to form and promote existing ones to become more functional.  Sensation is also improved. This technology is also used to break up kidney stones (lithotripsy)

No, it’s simply a tapping sensation.  No numbing cream needed like most other devices on the market.

This device goes 3cm deep!! Other devices only go 1 cm deep.  So you are getting 3 x the depth to maximally improve angiogenesis/blood vessel stimulation.

Optimal is to do treatments 1-2 x a week for three weeks for a total of six treatments.

Yes you can before and after, and no, there is no downtime.