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Experience Alma Duo for Erectile Dysfunction

Meet the Alma Duo!

The Alma Duo is the latest revolutionary treatment in regenerative therapies for erectile dysfunction with a 75% success rate in returning men to normal or improved erectile function. Spontaneity is key, and having to wait for Cialis to kick in can be disruptive to say the least.

We are the first office in Colorado to offer this procedure!

Alma Duo delivers a low intensity shock wave (focused, intense sound wave through a transducer) that stimulates new blood vessels to form while promoting existing ones to become more functional. 


This technology can also be used to break up Kidney stones!

Yes! Women can benefit from the Alma Duo as well as it can increase sensitivity.

Optimal results are acquired after 1-2 treatments a week for three weeks (a total of six treatments)!

Yes, you can have sex before and after as there is no downtime.

1 Session: $500.00

Series of 6: $2,700 (Save $300!)