Hormone Balancing

Dr.Grover has close to 25 years of experience in hormone restoration, and anti-aging medicine since entering practice in 1996. Hormones are like an orchestra and requires a great conductor to keep the various endocrine sections in harmony.  He is a Diplomate of the A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging)Board certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine (ABAARM). He is experienced in assessing the multidisciplinary aspects of regenerative/anti-aging and functional medicine which includes assessment and treatment of hormone deficiencies, nutritional imbalances, inflammatory conditions, and lifestyle to slow aging and maintain a high quality of life.


Many anti-aging physicians are past emergency room physicians and anesthesiologists who lack the preventative medicine and integrative medicine training that Dr. Grover received in his foundational family medicine and holistic medicine training.


He is experienced in the use of bio-identical hormones for women and men, to treat perimenopause, menopause, andropause/ low T and adult growth hormone deficiency. All hormonal axis are addressed, especially thyroid, which he fine tunes, treating subclinical hypothyroidism to get you in an optimal range. Testing for MTHFR, a methylation defect may also be recommended as this can effect neuroendocrine balance and mood.


Hormone Balancing therapies may include:

  • Topical Bio-identical creams for men and women (daily therapy)
  • Injectable Testosterone Cypionate for men (one a week therapy)
  • Bio-identical Hormone Pellets by for men and women (every 4-6 months). Dr. Grover has been trained and certified by BioTe. 
  • Topical hormone patches for women (Climara, Vivelle, Estrace...)
  • Injectable Growth Hormone therapy, or Sermorelin (if lab criteria and symptoms met)
  • Oral Thyroid medication (Armour, Nature-thyroid, WP Thyroid, levothyroxine, and others)
  • Natural supplements to augment therapy, or treat identified nutrigenomic conditions such as MTHFR.

The type and delivery of hormone balancing therapy is very personalized with recommendations based on deficiencies and symptomology identified. Many patients may prefer a therapy that does not require a daily application of cream, and opt for pellet therapy. Your hormone balancing therapy will not be a simple "cook book protocol" as typically found in large franchise hormone balancing clinics. Follow up monitoring is very important and will include at least twice a year blood testing to keep levels in optimal range and to monitor and manage levels of hormone metabolites. Hormone balancing and age management therapies can help slow your aging process and improve your quality of life.


The Hormone Balancing process

Dr. Grover will review any hormonal deficiency symptoms you have at the first visit. Please download our hormone symptom survey and complete prior to appointment if possible. Following the consultation and exam, he will order a comprehensive hormone panel and other blood work that may be helpful to you. (However, if you've had recent blood work with hormone levels, please be sure to bring that in to the initial visit.)


Two weeks after blood work, Dr. Grover will see you back to discuss hormone balancing options. (See hormone balancing options above). Following the initiation of hormone therapy, repeat blood work is done in 6 weeks, followed by an appointment to review levels and assess for symptom improvement.

Sexual health for women and men is important to maintain for quality of life. If additional therapy beyond hormone balancing is needed Dr. Grover also offers platelet rich plasma (PRP), and Pulse magnetic field therapy (PEMF) To help improve sensitivity for women, Dr. G offers the "O" shot to enhance clitoral and g spot sensitivity. For men he offers the priapus shot to improve erectile function and sensitivity.  These involve the injection of PRP from your own blood to improve blood flow and sensation. See our Regenerative PRP site for more details. The PEMF therapy by our "PULSE" device can also help improve blood flow, mitochondrial function, and muscular strength to the pelvic floor.


Quarterly follow-up visits are then recommended by Dr. Grover to optimize other elements of your health including preventative screening, and optimizing lifestyle and nutrition. Body composition testing and metabolic rate testing are complimentary for those that need help with weight loss or are interested in toning. Nutritional and functional testing may be recommended to further fine tune and optimize your health. 


Additional discounts are available for skin care services, and nutritional supplements in the Advanced Wellness Program. Most hormonal testing can be performed and billed out to insurance, or done for a reasonable rate through Quest, Labcorp, Spectracell, Boston Heart, or Genova. Blood draws can be done at your home, office, or at one of the local lab draw stations. Labs can also be discounted by running through our office account if insurance does not cover them well.  Feel free to compare our more comprehensive and affordable care to Cenegenics, Body Logic and other franchise style hormone clinics. Their prices will easily be 3x ours when you factor in fees for requiring you to use their company supplements, hormones and labs. We give you the freedom to choose your own pharmacy, supplements and lab, and to use your insurance with them if you desire. Thank you.


Neuroendocrine system

Please fill out documents if planning to do BioTe pellets with Dr. G

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Cost for Pellet placement:

Women: $320, 15% off for Advanced Wellness Program members (pellets last 3 months for women)

Men: $610, 15% off for Advanced Wellness Program members (pellets last 5 months for men)

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