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Dr. Grover's Advanced Wellness Program 

Comprehensive pro-active care. This includes up to 10 visits in a year, phone consults, email, quarterly wellness coaching, and numerous discounts on other services. Patients are required to join this if they plan to receive ongoing medical care with Dr. Grover. You can apply the fee to your Flex or HSA, and you can submit the individual visits for reimbursement to your plan. 



Advanced Wellness Program fees:

$3500/yr, for patients <70,

$4000 for >70

10% off annual fee for any additional family members

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Email/phone/zoom visits included for advanced wellness members.


We feel our fees are very reasonable and transparent. Please compare Dr. Grover's fees to other concierge physicians who typically lack expertise and depth of three board certifications including family medicine, Regenerative/anti-aging and integrative medicine.  Most concierge docs will double dip, charging you a monthly retainer and then still billing insurance. Dr. Grover does not feel this is ethical.  Many will charge more than 5 grand annually for general medical concierge care. Again this is out of alignment with his philosophy. His approach is to price it reasonably and provide excellent personalized care.


Dr. Grover does not take or bill insurance, but in most cases you can submit his bill with codes provided for reimbursement. Since we do not interact with insurance, it will be up to you to communicate with them. Reimbursement back to you depends on your plan benefits. You can't submit for Medicare reimbursement since he has opted out of Medicare.


You can still use your insurance in most cases for prescriptions, labs, and imaging orders he may recommend. See additional information towards the bottom of this page regarding insurance.


Feel free to call us to discuss more, or book a meet and greet appointment with Dr. Grover. Meet and greet appointments are only $150 for 30 minutes and are aimed at giving you an opportunity to learn about the practice, and to see if he is a good fit for you.


If you desire to move forward with medical advise and do not need a meet and greet, please book an initial 1 hour appointment by calling the office or going to our appointments tab.


Skin Care Services Fees

For Skin care/Aesthetic Dermatology, you are not required to join a wellness program, and fees are very reasonable and competively priced. Those in the Advanced Wellness program however receive excellent discounts on all skin therapies and products!  Our Botox is only $15/unit, compared to most physicians who inject at $20/unit. AWP Botox pricing is $12/unit.


Advanced Cardiovascular Screening

Dr. Grover partners with Vasolabs to offer CIMT screening (carotid artery ultrasound) and additional screening on the last Wednesday morning of each month. Call to book your evaluation today! See pricing list for screens below. 


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New Patient Forms


For a Medical visit with Dr. Grover

Please print and fill out our New Patient Registration form below or just come in 15 minutes early to fill out. Our Advanced Wellness Agreement is available in office to review and sign for those joining the program. Please read the privacy notice below (a required notice for patients by law). Don't print, just read.


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Skin Care Only Registration
Adobe Acrobat document [280.8 KB]
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Optional, if needed for Dr. Grover to review old labs...etc.,please fill out the Release of Records form below and fax it to us at 303-974-5945.


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If you need to send your records from Dr. Grover to another physician, please fill out the Release of Records form below and fax it to us at 303-974-5945.


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If coming in for Bio-identical Hormone Pellet therapy please fill out form that applies. Updated pricing is listed below the pdfs. 

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Adobe Acrobat document [229.8 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [71.8 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [158.5 KB]

Cost for Pellet placement

Women: $320, 15% off for Advanced Wellness Program members

Men: $610, 15% off for Advanced Wellness Program members

For new patients only desiring pellet placement, there is an initial consult fee of $150.


For a Skin Care Visit with Dr. Grover 

Please fill out our New Patient Registration form above if you plan to see Dr. Grover for skin care and medical, or our Skin care intake form for new patients below, if skin care only.  Please print and sign consents for applicable procedures to save time too. We can give you all of this at office of course too, just come in 15 minutes early. 


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After Skin Care Treatment Recommendations


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Wellness Tools


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See many more tools on our Products/Education page.


About Insurance

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Why don't I process/take insurance? 

In 2008, I reached my tipping point with insurance companies. They were unwilling to support wellness and preventative services beyond a pap smear and prostate exam, and consumed huge amounts of my time with their paperwork. My passion is wellness and prevention, which was being discouraged by managed care. Making this difficult decision has given me more time to focus on prevention and wellness for you, rather than being tied up processing forms and dealing with insurance companies.


You can still submit our bill with codes to your insurance plan after paying for your visit with us. Most patients will get reimbursed for a good portion of visit, but since I am out of network, reimbursement will vary. They appear to treat patients much better than physicians, since you are their client. Since I do not participate with insurance companies, I can not help you with processing claims beyond giving you codes from visit, and tips as above. I cannot change codes after a visit due to plans not covering a particular code. Some patients have asked for this when their plan won't cover a annual wellness exam, but I cannot legally do this. Additionally my signed off electronic medical record cannot be edited. This is an insurance plan game or carve-out aimed at avoiding reimbursement to you and doctors, and channeling it instead to stock holders. 


You can also still use insurance to cover labs, x-rays, medications, hospitalizations, if a benefit in your plan. Please note, you cannot submit your bill to closed networks ie: HMO's (Kaiser) or Medicare. I have several Kaiser patients, and we have had no problems with them running labs that I order.


About Health Savings Accounts (HSA's)

For most indivividuals, I recommend a health savings accounts with catastrophic health coverage as the best option in our current environment. HSA's allow you to contribute $2750 as an individual or $5000 for a family. HSA’s need to be combined with a high-deductable plan, but have a much lower monthly premium and should save you money unless you have high monthly medication costs. Healthcare premiums have gone up 480% over the last 8 years, and unfortunately there are no guarantees that this trend will not continue based on recent health care reform passed. Contrast this to primary care physicians whose reimbursement has been flat for 10 years. HSA’s give you more control of your health care dollar to spend it on wellness rather than having a health care plan divert it towards their stock holders. Managed care lobbyists continue to work behind closed doors to reduce HSA’s contributions and push folks towards their traditional expensive plans. To gain more insight on the business model of managed care/insurance industry, read this article by an ex-managed care CEO. 


Another great benefit of HSA’s is the ability to roll it over year to year, building a substantial savings that can be applied to medical care when needed. At age 65 you can withdraw the money for any reason. Flex plans are still a great option if an HSA isn’t possible, but you must spend it by year’s end. Click here for more on HSA's from Treasury Dept.

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