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In today's chaotic and stressful world, maintaining our edge has become challenging. Stress-related disorders are on the rise, and rather than addressing the root cause, modern medicine often reaches for the latest quick-fix designer drug or refers you out for fragmented subspecialized care.  For some this may work, but for many, continue to feel half broken.

My approach to your wellness is different. I'll help you identify functional imbalances in your physical, hormonal, genetic, mental, and nutritional physiology, and put those pieces together for you. Consider me your quarterback. My use of specialists and drugs will be balanced, and you will be offered the natural approach whenever possible. What makes me different than other concierge docs? Breadth and depth in functional, integrative and regenerative medicine. I challenge you to find any other functional medicine physician that can offer even 3/4 of what we do.  Join our Advanced Wellness Program and we'll show you how to feel good, look good, stay sharp and regain your edge!


The Advanced Wellness Program is our annual concierge plan, which includes primary care, prevention, hormone/nutrition optimization and quarterly prescriptive wellness game plans. The cost is reasonable at $3500 per year for patients under 70 yrs of age, and $4000 for over 70 yrs old. This includes discounts for other services. Dr. Grover and his staff are happy to discuss the details of the program in the office during initial visit. New patients who are unsure about joining can book a "meet and greet" 15 minute visit to learn more about the practice and therapies with Dr. Grover for only $150. This can be applied to the cost of the annual program if you decide to join in the same month. Learn more about the benefits of the Advanced Wellness Program today.


Please note: The Advanced Wellness Program is not an insurance plan, but a wellness program with in-depth personalized medical care.


The Advanced Wellness Program may be personalized for:

  • Hormone Balancing & Restoration (Sex, Thyroid, Adenal, Growth hormones)
  • Heart Health with focus on prevention. We offer advanced cardiovascular screening with the Cleerly Heart scan, evaluation of expanded cholesterol panels and inflammatory markers to identify issues early.
  • Brain Health, approached in a multi-faceted way for treatment of mild cognitive impairment, traumatic brain injury and simply maintaining optimal brain processing speed and memory.
  • Gut Health, including advanced functional gi testing of microbiome and beyond.
  • Anti-Aging, Regenerative therapies such as PRP (platelet rich plasma),Stem cell therapies for skin,Peptides such as Ozembic for weight loss and others, Telomere optimization
  • Sexual health, including hormone, nutrition, PRP, low intensity shock wave therapy (p-wave), for regaining and maintaining more youthful function.
  • Skin Care- including laser, intense pulsed light, RF microneedling, injectables, skin nutrition.
  • Weight-Loss strategies including semaglutide aka Ozembic, MIC, Methyl B12, hormone and thyroid optimization.
  • Treatment of Methylation Disorders, assisting with detoxifying if needed.
  • Personalized program to meet your individual needs, including all above or additional components.


How to Live your Best, an Integrative Approach

Treatment of the whole body, mind and appearance are critical if you want to optimize your health. Dr. Grover has developed a dramatically new and improved health care model that focuses on:

  • High Quality Pro-active Primary Care — Dr. Grover not only provides care for acute and chronic health conditions, but also provides cutting- edge preventative counseling and testing. He also blends his expertise in Integrative Medicine (East/West medicine), Anti-Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Mind/Body, Functional Medicine and Aesthetic Skin Care services to assist you more globally in your wellness. We are not aware of any other Colorado Physicians that have triple board certifications including Family Medicine, Anti-Aging, and Holistic Medicine.
  • Personalized Care — Visits are typically 30 to 90 minutes. Online consultations, home visits and Skype sessions are available. Dr. Grover also uses a electronic medical record allowing him to monitor your condition more effectively. 
  • Evidence Based Approach — Dr. Grover is an Assistant Clinical Professor wit the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine. His prior and ongoing academic involvement gives him the opportunity to review and recommend therapies which show the greatest evidence of benefit to you, but he won't be limited by deploying only these therapies. He strives to provide the latest cutting edge therapies that are safe and showing benefit, especially in the regenerative medicine arena.
  • Unique Patient Centered Model of Care via the Advanced Wellness Program, which includes advanced preventative counseling, expanded scope and depth of care and direct access at a very reasonable price. Other concierge plans in town offer very basic services and limited coaching. 
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