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Supplements & Medical Devices

Supplements & Medical Devices for Wellness


Medical Grade Supplements

Dr. Grover applies evidence-based supplementation recommendations and like Andrew Weil M.D., Mark Hyman M.D. and others recommends taking nutritional supplements that are medical grade, GMP certified, with high purity and bioavailability. Most of us will lack at least two or more important nutrients due to our American diet and lifestyle. Most common deficiency is Vitamin D, (85% of Americans) and many of us are deficient in the anti-inflammatory Omega-3(fish oil), B vitamins, and anti-oxidants. Supplementation can help slow aging by reducing inflammation.

These are available in our office, or click on links below to order online:

  • Xymogen Supplements If you are prompted for a code, use revmd and my last name of Grover to order.  Email or call us at 303-355-2385 if any challenges! Personalized/customized packet ordering now available so you don’t have to carry around bottles of supplements. Email/call if you need help with customized packet ordering.

You can also use your camera phone to scan our QR Code for the Xymogen Portal:

  • Please call and we process the order. We can also ship Xymogen direct from our office if preferred over going through the sites above.

  Medical Devices

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