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NAD+ is highly recommended BEFORE peptide protocols!

Supercharge your mitochondria to lay a strong foundation. Peptides perform BEST when your cells are energized, receptive, and communicative!

*** Consultation REQUIRED before peptide protocols can be purchased ***


$200 | 1 - Month Injectables

BPC-157 is a peptide with numerous uses. It is a 15-amino acid peptide derived from body protection compound (BPC) found in human stomach digestive juices. Studies show it accelerates healing of many tissues, including those that typically heal slowly, such as tendons and ligaments. BPC-157 seems to also balance systemic inflammation, increase blood flow to damaged tissues, and relieve pain.

$190 | 1 - Month Injectables

Growth hormone is a natural peptide hormone from your pituitary gland. In adults, it supports muscle mass, fat metabolism, bone health, and heart health. It typically increases during deep sleep in the middle of the night. Also, its levels decline with age, contributing to age-related body fat gain, loss of lean mass, and slowed metabolism. Growth hormone also stimulates IGF-1, which manages the effects of growth hormones. Both hormones work together on tissue and bone growth.

$150 | 1 - Month Injectables

MOTS-c is a 16-amino acid mitochondrial peptide produced mainly in muscles. It’s also detectable in other tissues and in the blood Exercise generally boosts MOTS-c levels, so MOTS-c administration replicates many of the benefits of exercise.

$135 | Nasal Spray

Semax is a 7-amino acid peptide that comes from amino acids of the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). Typically, the body produces ACTH as a stress hormone, but Semax in particular has many unique properties, such as stimulating neuronal growth and immune function. It’s said to induce the good parts of stress, such as the high and enhanced performance, without the anxiety. So, you can perform and learn with minimal resistance and procrastination.

$175 | Nasal Spray

Selank is a 7-amino acid peptide created by joining Tuftsin with another three amino acids to make it more stable. As a synthetic analog of Tuftsin, a 4-amino acid that is part of immunoglobulin G, it has some immune-stimulating effects.

$168 | 1 - Month Injectables

Tesamorelin is a GHRH that increases IGF-1 without disrupting its negative feedback loop. It was initially approved to treat HIV-associated lipodystrophy (increase in mid-section fat between organs due to antiretroviral drugs).

$585 | 1 - Month Injectables

Thymosin alpha 1 is a 28-amino acid peptide naturally found in the human thymus. While it helps modify, enhance, and restore immune function at the right time, it also promotes a balanced immune response and prevents excessive activation. Most importantly, it works with your body’s natural immune responses. In 35 countries, a synthetic form of thymosin alpha 1 is an approved medication for hepatitis B and C and supports immune function in other situations. However, in the US, it remains an experimental treatment.


Cutting-Edge Koniver Wellness Peptide Stacks!

$250 | 1 - Month Injectables

Fat Burner+ is a potent combination of fat-liberating amino acids and vitamin B12, along with the mitochondrial boosting peptide MOTS-c. Methionine, inositol, and choline help mobilize fatty acids from fat cells and the liver. Whereas, vitamin B12 boosts your energy levels and supports detoxification functions.

$475 | 1 - Month Injectables

This peptide protocol combines the power of two GHRH secretagogues. Tesamorelin helps with reducing fat between organs (visceral fat), which is the most inflammatory. It also stimulates IGF-1 levels, helping with maintaining muscles. Whereas, Ipamorelin stimulates GH with less appetite-stimulating or activation stress responses. Together, these two peptides synergize to stimulate muscle growth, boost metabolism, and burn fat. BPC-157 is an anti-inflammatory and regenerative peptide. It can also help balance the gut-brain axis. By healing the gut and supporting muscle recovery from exercise, it can support muscle gain and fat loss.

$550 | 1 - Month Injectables

Nowadays, many people struggle with chronic unrelenting inflammation, either from lifestyle-related causes or chronic immune response to infections. The inflammation could result in obscure conditions such as brain fog, fatigue, irritable bowel, and skin issues. This peptide protocol helps balance out excess inflammation, protects organs from inflammatory and oxidative damage, and allows your body to heal. BPC-157 and TB-500 are also a powerful synergistic combo that supports tissue healing and can often help move past healing stagnation.

$900 | 1 - Month Injectables

Our Remedy Peptide Protocol is beneficial for recovery from chronic symptoms of common respiratory infections. But, it’s also beneficial for healing acute injuries, chronic fatigue, and other chronic infections.

$450 | 1 - Month Injectables

Excess inflammation can result in common, but not healthy, nagging symptoms, such as discomfort, soreness, and irritation. Our Revive Peptide Protocol supports healthy resolution of such chronic inflammation.

$575 | 1 - Month Injectables

Our Vitality Peptide Protocol is a powerful combo to increase libido, sexual performance, and sex-related emotions and behaviors. Each of these peptides address different components of sexual health and vitality, making the combo very effective and powerful.

$400 | 1 - Month Injectables

Our Strength Peptide Protocol is a well-rounded approach to supercharge your body’s adaptation to strength training. MGF is a segment of IGF-1 with specific activity towards muscle growth and repair in response to resistance training. It also activates muscle stem cells (satellite cells) to start the hypertrophy process. MGF synergizes with CJC-1295/GHRP-6 to stimulate growth hormone release, helping with muscle growth. GHRP-6 also stimulates appetite and testosterone, making it helpful for muscle gain.

$475 | 1 - Month Injectables

Our Flow peptide protocol can help optimize your physiology based on the day/night or circadian rhythm. Injecting it before bedtime allows the peptides to synergize with the natural restorative processes and hormone resets that happen during sleep. Epithalon helps elongate the telomere, reducing cellular senescence. At the same time, thymalin is anti-aging for the immune system and has synergistic effects with BPC-157, a regenerative peptide. CJC/Ipamorelin increases growth hormones and IGF-1, improves your sleep, and promotes muscle growth and fat loss.

$525 | 1 - Month Injectables

Our Armor protocol provides a powerful combination of immune-boosting and antimicrobial peptides. Selank has demonstrated antiviral properties, whereas LL-37 resembles our natural innate antiviral and antibacterial peptides in the respiratory tract. TB-500 increases T cell function, whereas thymosin alpha 1 boosts innate immunity while modulating T cell function.

$775 | 1 - Month Injectables

Your mitochondria are central to many aspects of health, from energy production to cellular death (apoptosis), which eliminates damaged cells. Your brain, liver, heart, and muscles depend on the energy from the mitochondria. At the same time, poor mitochondrial function can contribute to an age-related increase in oxidative stress and chronic inflammation . Boosting mitochondrial function can improve energy, cognitive function, metabolism, balance excess inflammation, and overall make everything better.

$525 | 1 - Month Injectables

Neuroregen is our best peptide combination for cognitive function and brain healing. It combines the most powerful anabolic and healing peptides with PE 22-28, a powerful neuroregenerative peptide.

$425 | 1 - Month Injectables

Our Glow peptide protocol is the ultimate peptide combo for skin health and reversing skin aging. The three peptides in this protocol, BPC-157, TB-500, and GHK-Cu have synergistic and complementary tissue-healing benefits. They’re all antioxidants, inflammation-balancing, and regenerative. GHK-Cu attracts immune cells and stimulates the production of collagen and other structural proteins in skin cells, so it can help with fine lines, wrinkles, and hair growth. Whereas, BPC-157 has potent wound- and gut-healing properties. Thymosin beta-4 can control how actin, another type of structural protein, forms in the cells. It also stimulates the formation of new blood vessels and supports wound repair and hair growth.

$400 | 1 - Month Injectables

This peptide stack boosts testosterone and overall men’s health without triggering any negative feedback that reduces testosterone production. It’s beneficial both as a way to improve testosterone levels and sexual wellbeing. This protocol is powerful whether on its own and as an add-on to testosterone replacement therapy.

$675 | 1 - Month Injectables

This is perhaps the most versatile peptide protocol for maximum physical performance, be it endurance, intensity, or recovery. CJC/hexarelin and CJC/ipamorelin both boost GH, which stimulates muscle growth, exercise recovery, and fat loss. Hexarelin also protects heart cells.

$950 | 1 - Month Injectables

Hexarelin, MGF, and GHRP-6 are growth hormone boosters that support fitness, muscle growth, and body composition, along with bone and joint health. BPC-157 promotes a balanced inflammatory response and tissue regeneration. Whereas, Semax is a powerful nootropic peptide that boosts cognitive function and mental performance.

$400 | 1 - Month Injectables

The Goddess peptide protocol helps unleash your divine feminine beauty. A Goddess radiates kindness, compassion, and unconditional love. She also exudes the energy of passion, authenticity, and enthusiasm. This is why we put together the unique blend of PT-141, tesamorelin, selank, and hexarelin to accentuate all attributes of a true goddess.