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Near Infrared Light Therapy

Near Infrared Light therapy for Pain

Near Infrared (NIR) Drug Free Treatment for Pain

Near Infrared (NIR) therapy is an excellent non-pharmacologic means to treat tendonitis, strains, neuralgia, back pain, joint pain and much more. This can also be combined with PEMF therapy and used as extra support for pain managed primarily by medications. He is also using this technology successfully in an investigational trial for the treatment of traumatic brain injury with wounded warriors from Ft. Carson.

What Does Near Infrared Light Therapy Treat?

  • Improves blood flow, stimulates new capillaries to form through its effect on the nitric oxide synthetase pathway (NOS).
  • Improves collagen production.
  • Increases ATP production thus improving energy to cells allowing them to process incoming nutrition, and eliminate toxins more effectively.
  • Increases lymphatic flow which can relieve swelling from an injury.
  • Calms inflamed peripheral nerves by photons entering as negative ions.
  • Enhances neural regeneration.
  • Stimulates fibroblastic activity which aids in tissue repair and collagen formation.
  • Helps clear out dead and degenerated cells, such as those found in a bruise or hematoma.
  • Enhances healing of wounds, ulcers, and inflamed tissues.
  • Can help men with ED improve function.