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Light Therapy at RevolutionaryMD

Pandora Star Light Meditation Therapy

The Pandora Star produces a flashing (stroboscopic) LED pattern of light above your head as you are laying down on a massage therapy table. The 12 LED light Merkaba pattern of light displays along with the frequency creating a hypnotic state of meditation that can take you into various brain wave states.  Over 50 programs are available to take you into a very relaxed state of meditation using gamma or theta frequency for example.  Through this process of “photic entrainment” you will achieve a meditative state typically in less than 5 minutes, compared to many taking 30 minutes or more or never dropping into this state with traditional methods.

Near Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy for Pain

Near Infrared (NIR) therapy is an excellent non-pharmacologic means to treat tendonitis, strains, neuralgia, back pain, joint pain and much more. This can also be combined with PEMF therapy and used as extra support for pain managed primarily by medications. He is also using this technology successfully in an investigational trial for the treatment of traumatic brain injury with wounded warriors from Ft. Carson.