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Energy Medicine

Magnetic resonance plays a vital role in our wellness

Dr. Grover has researched concepts and modalities in energy medicine, and is convinced that magnetic resonance plays a vital role in our health and wellness. He now includes this therapy in his practice to provide an additional healing modality

He is one of only a few MD clinicians that provides PEMF therapy in Denver, Colorado. He has even published a book which discusses pulsed magnetic field therapy and other energy medicine modalities and how they can positively effect your DNA. 

Pulse XL Pro PEMF in Denver

It All StartsWith Energy

Interestingly, acupuncturists have been mapping the electrical body and balancing meridians, thus improving Qi (body energy and balance) with over 2000 years of success. PEMF therapy also balances the meridians, but in a more global fashion.

PEMF Therapy with the Pulse XL

Our office uses the clinically proven Pulse XL Pro PEMF device. This device provides up to 10 hz of pulsing power, and up to 20 T (tesla) which is three times stronger than any other clinical high PEMF field device on the market. By far the best device available with solid state engineering and controllable frequency and energy delivery to full body or focal regions. Over a thousand times more powerful than the home units such as the iMrs or Bemer.