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Cardiovascular Screening

Prevencio report

Cardiovascular Screening Blood tests

We recommend CV screening with initial cholesterol profile and hs-CRP. An expanded panel with particle size can be ordered via Quest, Labcorp or Boston Heart in those that are at higher risk.

We also recommend the Prevencio test which checks for additional markers, such as hs-Troponin that may indicate coronary artery disease even in someone that has a normal cholesterol panel and minimal to no identifiable risk factors. 

This two-fold process allows us to then determine if you need to do a CT angiogram with plaque score to further evaluate CV risk.  We recommend the Cleerly Heart Scan for this. 

Cleerly Heart Scan & Sample Report

The Cleerly Heart Scan is the most advanced non-invasive cardiovascular imaging currently available. This CT imaging provides several times more data than a traditional heart scan with calcium score. Unfortunately, most traditional primary care docs including cardiologists, are completely unaware of this screen, but Dr. G began recommending it soon after it became available here in Denver.

The imaging also includes a CT angiogram to look for narrowed coronaries, and utilizes artificial intelligence to determine soft plaque vs hard plaque in each vessel, as well as calcium score.

Dr. Grover will review this scan in detail with you to determine whether additional intervention is needed to help regress or stabilize cholesterol plaque. This is the  cutting edge of heart attack prevention. 

Click here to see a sample Cleerly report.

Cleerly Heart Report Comparison
Cleerly Heart Report
Cleerly Heart Report

Prevencio Diagnostic Cardiovascular Blood Tests

Prevencio utilizes Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) + Multi-Proteomic Biomarkers + Proprietary Algorithms to deliver cardiovascular diagnostic & prognostic tests that are significantly more accurate than standard-of-care stress tests, individual biomarkers, genetic markers and clinical risk scores.  The seven blood tests in our product portfolio are:

  • *HART CVE for 1-year risk of heart attack, stroke, or cardiac death
  • *HART CADhs for obstructive coronary artery disease diagnosis
  • *HART KD for Kawasaki Disease
  • *HART PAD for peripheral artery disease diagnosis
  • *HART AS for aortic valve stenosis
  • *HART AMP for risk of amputation
  • *HART AKI for risk of acute kidney injury in cardiac catheterization
Click here to learn more about the pricing for these and other cardiovascular procedures.
Coronary Heart Disease Risk Scores in Green, Yellow and Red by HART
Prevencio HART CADhs Scores
HART Score Diagnostics from 0-5.
Prevencio HART CVE Scores