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Body Based Modalities

IV Nutritional Therapy

RevolutionaryMD offers a wide variety of IV therapies that far exceed basic IV therapy/drip bar centers in terms of quality, physician care, and knowledge of stacking peptides.

Medical Skincare

We achieve great skin through optimal wellness, laser and light-based therapies, radio frequency micro-needling, anti-aging topical skin care, balanced use of injectables, and regenerative platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Disease Management

Dr. Grover is very experienced in the treatment of many chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. He will refer to sub-specialists when your condition is beyond his expertise of care.

Cardiovascular Screening

Cardiovascular screening is recommended for everyone. Dr. Grover may recommend expanded cholesterol panel testing, inflammatory marker testing, and heart scans.

Energy Medicine

Magnetic resonance plays a vital role in our health and wellness. He now includes this therapy in his practice to provide an additional healing modality. He is one of only a few MD clinicians that provides PEMF therapy in Denver, Colorado.

Preventative Medicine

Annual exams, pap smears, prostate exams, skin checks and skin care biopsies and referral for cancer screening such as colonoscopy and mammography. Annual Flu shots are available, and he will recommend other vaccines as needed.

Hormone Balancing

Hormone balancing and age management therapies can help slow your aging process and improve your quality of life.

Microbiome Balancing

Testing of your gut bacteria to evaluate normal vs abnormal bacteria, and an overgrowth of certain bacteria is recommended for everyone.  This is performed via the Genova GI effects profile home kit and then reviewed by Dr. G with you.

PRP & Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy for optimal cellular regeneration

Dr. Grover has a gift for treating the whole person; physically, mentally and spiritually. His compassion, knowledge and skill calms our frantic soul and our hurting bodies.
A. Heckman
I greatly appreciate your systemic thinking, comprehensive knowledge and engaging bedside manner. Not only do I feel great, I feel empowered over my health. You have my sincere gratitude. Many thanks!
Rocket Scientist
My hypothyroidism had been undiagnosed and misdiagnosed by other physicians. Dr. Grover quickly and correctly diagnosed my problem and started me on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. This has changed my life!
I came seeking a health professional that listened and had my best interest at heart, and I have certainly found much more than that. I found your vigilant health awareness, caring, sensitivity and high level of respect for my health refreshing an healing in itself as well. I want to thank you for constant watch over me, my health and well being.
I have been a patient of Dr. Grover's for more than 10 years. He always listens to what I say and involves me in my care. He is a very caring and giving physician that really cares about the person.