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Welcome to RevolutionaryMD!

We invite you to experience the RevolutionaryMD difference! 

Our approach is personalized and blends the best elements of functional, integrative, regenerative, anti-aging and family medicine to help you achieve optimal health. 

Dr. Grover’s foundation in family medicine, followed by additional board certifications expanding beyond this foundation, gives him the expertise to manage complex conditions and fine-tune your health, helping you enjoy an optimal quality of life.

He explores your health issues beyond traditional means, looking for root causes of your symptoms through expanded functional medicine, hormone, inflammatory panels, genomic tests, and an evaluation of your mind, body, and spirit balance.  Contact us today to learn more!

Advanced Wellness Program

Dr. Grover Jr. M.D.’s Concierge Program

In today’s chaotic and stressful world, maintaining our health has unfortunately become increasingly challenging. Stress-related disorders are on the rise, and rather than addressing the root cause, modern medicine often reaches for the latest quick-fix drug. For some, this may work, but for many, a more personalized root cause solution is desired.

What makes me different than other concierge doctors?

Breadth and depth in functional, integrative, and regenerative medicine. I’ll help you identify functional imbalances in your physical, hormonal, genetic, mental, and nutritional physiology, and put those pieces together for you. My use of specialists and drugs will be balanced, and you will be offered the natural approach whenever possible. 

What is the Advanced Wellness Program?

The Advanced Wellness Program is our annual concierge plan which includes:

  • Primary care
  • Prevention
  • Hormone optimization
  • Nutritional optimization
  • Quarterly prescriptive health & wellness plans
  • Up to 10 annual visits with Dr. Grover
  • (2) FREE annual PEMF sessions
  • 10% off high-quality supplements
  • 15% off Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy
  • Constant phone/email support
  • 10% off additional family member memberships


Please Note: We do NOT take insurance or submit claims on our patients’ behalf. You can still submit claims for reimbursement, but your reimbursement depends on your plan benefits. We do accept HSA/FSA cards.


The Advanced Wellness Program is a 12-Month Contract with RevolutionaryMD.

Under Age 70

Over Age 70

$4000 Annually

$1000 Quarterly

$4500 Annually

$1125 Quarterly