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Welcome to RevolutionaryMD!

We invite you to experience the RevolutionaryMD difference! 

Our approach is personalized and blends the best elements of functional, integrative, regenerative, anti-aging and family medicine to help you achieve optimal health. 

Dr. Grover’s foundation in family medicine, followed by additional board certifications expanding beyond this foundation, gives him the expertise to manage complex conditions and fine-tune your health, helping you enjoy an optimal quality of life.

He explores your health issues beyond traditional means, looking for root causes of your symptoms through expanded functional medicine, hormone, inflammatory panels, genomic tests, and an evaluation of your mind, body, and spirit balance.  Contact us today to learn more!

Advanced Wellness Program Fees

Comprehensive pro-active care. This includes up to ten visits in a year, phone consults, email, quarterly wellness coaching, and numerous discounts on other services. Patients are required to join this if they plan to receive ongoing medical care with Dr. Grover. You can apply the fee to your HSA, and if you have a high deductable plan, he can help you save 75% or more on lab fees by recommending labs other than Quest/Labcorp when paying up front. The same applies for imaging centers. The price gouge from insurance based labs, imaging centers, and hospitals is unethical and unsustainable.

We feel our fees are very reasonable and transparent. Please compare Dr. Grover’s fees to other concierge physicians who typically lack expertise don’t have the depth of three board certifications including family medicine, Regenerative/anti-aging and integrative medicine.  Most concierge docs will double dip, charging you a monthly retainer and then still billing insurance. Dr. Grover does not feel this is ethical.  Many will charge more than 10 grand annually for general medical concierge care and often times may be burnt-out ER physicians who don’t have their heart or foundation in preventative medicine. Our approach is to price it reasonably and provide excellent personalized care.



Concierge Advanced Wellness Health at RevolutionaryMD

Dr. Grover does not take or bill insurance, but sometimes your plan will allow you to submit individual visits for reimbursement. Since we do not interact with insurance, it will be up to you to communicate with them. This is complicated, and probably not worth your time these days. You can’t submit for Medicare reimbursement since he has opted out of Medicare.

You can still use your insurance in most cases for prescriptions, labs, and imaging orders he may recommend. See additional information towards the bottom of this page regarding insurance.

Feel free to call us to discuss more, or book a meet and greet appointment with Dr. Grover. Meet and greet appointments are only $150 for 30 minutes and are aimed at giving you an opportunity to learn about the practice, and to see if he is a good fit for you.

If you desire to move forward with medical advice and do not need a meet and greet, please book an initial 1 hour appointment by calling 303-355-2385 or going to our appointment scheduler.