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Meet Dr. Grover

Dr Fred Grover Jr

Meet Dr. Grover

Dr. Grover is a well-recognized Board Certified Family Physician (FAAFP) who has been practicing medicine in Denver for 28 years. His additional board certifications in Integrative medicine (ABIHM) and Anti-Aging and Restorative Medicine (ABAARM) and expertise in Functional Medicine provide an opportunity for him to evaluate you much more broadly and with greater depth than traditional physicians.

Areas of expertise include:


In summary, Dr. Grover’s passion and expertise are aligned with his goal of helping you heal from the inside out, addressing the more complex underlying root causes of symptom or disease manifestation through these diverse integrative and regenerative therapies.


He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado at Denver, and teaches residents and medical students about Integrative Medicine in the office and via lectures at the University of Colorado. He is listed as one of the few 5-star family doctors in Denver Magazine as well. Dr. Grover completed additional Board Certifications in Anti-Aging Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine, giving him the skills for integrating cutting-edge modern medicine and complementary (alternative) therapies into patient care. He has published two books titled “Spiritual Genomics” and Awakening Gaia recently. Both are selling well on Amazon, and can also be found at Tattered cover, and Barnes and Nobles, and Boulder book store. This book discusses unique ways of optimizing your DNA via the epigenetic process of incorporating mindfulness, sound therapy, nature and more. Awakening Gaia is an adventure novel based on true stories and is also published in Spanish and Italian.

Volunteer Work

Dr. Grover volunteers his time researching innovative therapies for traumatic brain injury, and co-authored a paper demonstrating the benefits of Transcranial NIR LED therapy for TBI. Research participants were wounded veterans and the study was funded by the non-profit Tug McGraw foundation and published in the Journal of photomedicine and Laser therapy. He is studying this NIR light therapy application for mild cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative disorders, and is involved in ongoing research with sound therapy. He served on the board of Health Team Works board for almost a decade (formerly the Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative), assisting them with innovative ideas in improving health care for Coloradans. Dr. Grover also enjoys volunteering his time internationally doing periodic medical volunteer work in Nepal since 1996. 

Click here to read Dr. Grover’s abbreviated CV.