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Advanced Wellness Program

Advanced Wellness Program

Dr. Fred Grover Jr. MD’s Concierge Medical Program

An all-encompassing integrative & functional medicine approach to your health focused on:



With annual physical wellness exams, nutritional IV therapy, medical skincare, and modern medical therapies, you have the power to transform your physical body.



By taking an integrative approach to brain health, we are addressing mental health holistically. Through interventions like nutritional IV therapy and Ketamine therapy, we are utilizing the most effective means of enhancing your mental wellness and cognitive ability.



Through the integration of various medical interventions such as hormone replacement therapy, medical skincare, and nutritional IV therapy, we can mitigate the symptoms of physical and cognitive aging for an increased healthspan!



As an integrative & functional medicine physician, Dr. Grover takes ample time to evaluate your current lifestyle in order to recommend changes that will protect and optimize your health. While other physicians may only spend 3-5 minutes discussing your lifestyle, Dr. Grover's appointments last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.


Cutting-Edge Modalities

Dr. Grover keeps up with the latest cutting-edge technology & modalities to serve his patients in the best way possible. Take advantage of our PEMF, Pandora Star Light, Near Infrared Light, VieLight, Vivace Radiofrequency Microneedling, Alma Duo, and SoSound Table therapies.


Energy Body

Through his latest book, Spiritual Genomics, Dr. Grover lays out the importance of strengthening the energy body to optimize your DNA and ultimately, your vitality. He has extensively researched concepts and modalities in energy medicine, and is convinced that magnetic resonance plays a vital role in our health and wellness.

Health Care You Can Count On

Dr. Grover's Concierge-Style Health Membership

In today’s chaotic and stressful world, maintaining our health has unfortunately become increasingly challenging. Stress-related disorders are on the rise, and rather than addressing the root cause, modern medicine often reaches for the latest quick-fix drug. For some, this may work, but for many, a more personalized root cause solution is desired.

With almost 30 years of expertise in functional, integrative, and regenerative medicine, Dr. Grover will help you identify functional imbalances in your physical, hormonal, genetic, mental, and nutritional physiology, and put those pieces together for you.

Customized and Personalized Wellness Solutions

What's Included?

  • Physical Wellness Exam
  • Lab Work Orders
  • Hormone optimization
  • Nutritional optimization
  • Up to 10 annual visits with Dr. Grover
  • (2) FREE annual PEMF sessions
  • 10% off high-quality supplements
  • 15% off Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy
  • Constant phone/email support
  • 10% off additional family member memberships

Sex, Thyroid, Adrenal, & Growth hormones

With a focus on prevention, recommendations to consider state of the art Cleerly Heart scan, expanded lipid profile and cardiovascular inflammatory marker testing (Prevencio) may be performed if you are at elevated risk.

approached in a multi-faceted way for treatment of depression, anxiety, mild cognitive impairment, traumatic brain injury and simply maintaining optimal brain processing speed and memory.

including meditative therapy with Pandora Star photic (light) entrainment, Heart math monitoring,  Ketamine therapy, IV NAD+ with Brain refuel protocol and more.

 including advanced functional GI testing of microbiome and beyond.

Regenerative therapies such as PRP (platelet rich plasma),Stem cell therapies, exosome therapy for skin, Peptide therapy, Telomere optimization.

 and treatment via diet, exercise, and peptide therapy to reduce appetite with the peptide Ozembic or similar analogs. Counseling on diets to reduce inflammation and Alzheimer’s risk.

including hormone balancing, nutrition, PRP P-shot/O-shot, and low-intensity shock wave therapy (Alma Duo), to regain or maintain more youthful function, sensitivity, and enjoyable lifestyle

 including skin biopsies, cryotherapy, laser, intense pulsed light, RF microneedling (Vivace), injectable fillers, PRP vampire facelift, Botox, and skin nutrition.

to help resolve depression and anxiety and to assist with detox if neede

Under Age 70

10% off additional family members
Email & Phone Support
Discounts on supplements
Discounts on Hormone Pellet Therapy

Over Age 70

10% off additional family members
Email & Phone Support
Discounts on supplements
Discounts on Hormone Pellet Therapy

Non-Member Appointments

Private Appointment with Dr. Grover
Zoom or In-Person
Integrative/Functional Medicine Expertise